Special venue projection and content solution.

Touchscreen interactive content and system design.

HD broadcast graphics.

Touchscreen driven interactive multi screen presentation content and system design.

3D character modeling and animation.

HD videowalls, content designed and installed.

Accident reconstruction and visualizations.

Trackball controlled interactive content and system integration.

Medical animation and presentation support.

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Flying Foto Factory wants to help make your images fly! In short, if your needs relate to developing electronic media or marketing we can help.

For us nothing is static. We’ve embraced the technology…both how we design media, and how we deliver and market it continues evolving. Be that across networks of computers, on interactive multi-screen displays, mobile devices, web sites or social networks. The best part is…this intersection of mobility, media, entertainment and education continues empowering and exciting us more than ever.

So click around… you’ll see a little of what we’re up to.

Adventures along the way

We began as a traditional film based animation production studio, utilizing a former Disney Studio Oxberry Master Series Animation stand. We outfitted that with one of the Southeast's first motion control systems. Soon we took on computer imaging with one of the first Silicon Graphics Workstations in the region. Since then we’ve aquired a diverse array of computers, design software and cameras producing scores of projects for local, national and international clients with output to film, video and diverse digital platforms.

Our work has run the gamut with great clients large and small… like producing theatrical trailers for national theaters, helping regional, national and international broadcast or cable producers on award winning series and specials, and even designing and helping launch new products, permanent interactive media installations and marketing campaigns for corporate and educational clients. Along the way we’ve had wonderful adventures and always welcome new ones.

So whatever flight of fantasy, or new height your projects should reach this year, if you need production partners and consultants experienced in developing all kinds of media and marketing for all kinds of platforms… you’ve come to the right place. We’ll make your journey smooth, enjoyable and productive! And we guarantee we'll have fun along the way!

FFF's Array of Services

In a nutshell, we help develop and deliver your visual media. Whether that means defining all or part of your concept, storyboards, project outlines, scripts or target market and turning plans into fully realized campaigns with video, animation, interactivity or mobility, we’re there. We’ll design and configure for whatever single or multi screen display device is best suited for the job. And after the fact, we’ll help you analyze the results to assure we’ve met your goal.

So what are you waiting for?

  • Chief Pixel Wrangler

Video Demo Reels

  • Motion Graphics Various logo, ID's and other random visual mayhem.
  • Accident Reconstruction We help to better understand events that have occured based on the evidence available.
  • Medical Visualization Conceptual and literal medical animation and visualizations help to better understand complex biological systems.
  • Long Form We love to tell a story that helps to educate and better inform as well as entertain in the process.


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    All About Mammals!

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    All About Fish!

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    NC Field Guide

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    Jewish Heritage Recipes

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    Open the Locks

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    WakeMed Historical


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    NC Wildlife Resources Headquarters
    We designed, and produced the interactive A/V content, and systems for the NC Wildlife Resources Commission Headquarters facility.
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    IBM "Watson" The IBM Watson team needed a custom projection solution and content working in conjunction with the "Jeapordy" staging. It was a treat to work on this.
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    Roanoke Rapids Canal Museum We helped the Roanoke Canal and Trail Museum to tell their rich historical tale.
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    Poe Center "The Brain" The Poe Center offers a unique interactive theater, a gigantic head! Step right in its ear and watch our show.